Month: July 2023

Law firm with Matrix connections conducted Southern Company’s internal investigation

A law firm that conducted Southern Company’s internal investigation into reports that a political consulting firm used by a Southern subsidiary directed private surveillance of Southern’s CEO – possibly with...

/ July 12, 2023

Dominion Energy loses some of its legislative champions in Virginia primaries

UPDATE: After publication, the official list of candidates certified for the November ballot was released by the Virginia Department of Elections, showing Scott Surovell and Adam Ebbin both have general...

/ July 10, 2023

Xcel-funded group urges Minnesota regulators to increase profits for Xcel

Minnesota Utility Investors, a shareholder advocacy group, joins Xcel in pushing for PUC to reconsider rate case decision

/ July 9, 2023

Utility CEOs received $3.2 billion in executive compensation from 2017 – 2022

Investor-owned electric and gas utilities paid their CEOs $3.2 billion between 2017 and 2022, according to corporate data reviewed by the Energy and Policy Institute. CEOs for the 57 companies...

/ July 5, 2023

Gas industry dark money group’s influence seen in Ohio budget bill 

Updated on July 4, 2023 after Governor Mike DeWine signed the budget and issued a partial veto of the All Ohio Future Fund that included funding for gas infrastructure. Parts...

/ July 3, 2023