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Powerless in the U.S. – Utilities Shut Off Power 5.7 Million Times Since 2020, January 2023

Getting Politics Out of Utility Bills, January 2023

Utility Industry Contributions to Section 527 Political Organizations, January 2023

Utility front groups spending on disinformation advertising, September 2022

Southern Company Knew: How a “clean coal” utility was warned about climate change risks years before it funded climate disinformation, 1964-2022, June 2022

Utilities Knew: Documenting Electric Utilities’ Early Knowledge and Ongoing Deception on Climate Change From 1968-2017, July 2017

Petition for FTC Investigation of Electric Utility Abuses, May 2022

Many U.S. electric utilities plan slow decarbonization over next decade, out of sync with Biden plan, December 2020

Utility Carbon Targets Reflect Decarbonization Slowdown In Crucial Next Decade, June 2019

Pollution Payday: Analysis of executive compensation and incentives of the largest U.S. investor-owned utilities, September 2020

Coal and water conflicts in the American West, July 2020

Strings Attached: How utilities use charitable giving to influence politics and increase investor profits, December 2019

Paying for Utility Politics: How ratepayers are forced to fund the Edison Electric Institute and other political organizations, May 2017

Analysis: How Electric Utilities and Their Executives Contributed in Nine Governor Races, November 2018

The Utility Industry’s Influence at Universities, January 2016

Wind Health Impacts Dismissed in Court, August 2014

Confidential Documents Reveal Fossil Fuel-Funded Organizations Coordinating With Local Anti-Wind Groups, May 2012

Attacks on Renewable Energy Policies in 2015, July 2015

Attacks on Renewable Energy Policy by Fossil Fuel Interests 2013-2014, May 2014

Documents Reveal Edison Electric Institute Campaign Against Solar, March 2015

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