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Minneapolis Star Tribune: Utility regulators hosted annual conference with money from entities they oversee, 6/18/2024

Columbus Dispatch: ‘Chuck. Can u call me?’ Mike DeWine texted to FirstEnergy CEO, looking for campaign help, 6/17/2024

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The EPA is cracking down on toxic coal ash. Does Georgia have a plan?, 5/30/2024

Charleston Post & Courier: Possible gas pipeline route in SC is a ‘trade secret’ that a utility refuses to reveal, 5/22/2024

The Guardian: A new project promised low-income families ‘zero net energy homes’ – but they still rely on gas, 5/21/2024

Port City Daily: NC nonprofit argues Duke opposes rooftop solar due to profitability, proposes alternative carbon plan, 5/19/2024

Canary Media: TVA’s local solar program is about to get its biggest project yet, 5/16/2024 FirstEnergy was billed $5,000 a month for bitcoin consulting that emails say came from Dennis Kucinich, 5/14/2024

Daily Kos: Earth Matters, 5/12/2024

AP: Three groups are suing New Jersey to block an offshore wind farm, 5/3/2024

Planet Detroit: U.S. Senators accuse DTE-chaired American Gas Association of using customer money to mislead public, 5/1/2024

9&10 News: ‘Local control’ ballot group draws criticism for nonprofit contributions, 5/1/2024 Did a gas lobbyist write an Ohio Senator’s speech about a pipeline resolution? 4/26/2024

Business Insider: Electric grids need upgrades thanks to data centers. Guess who helps pay for that. 4/18/2024

Grist: Who’s afraid of a 300-mile transmission line that could help decarbonize the Southeast? 4/17/2024

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Xcel CEO’s pay falls 24%, but offered hefty bonus if he stays, 4/15/2024

Floodlight/Energy News Network: Revealed: FirstEnergy gave $1 million to boost Ohio Lt. Gov. campaign before scandal, 4/10/2024 Met-Ed parent pitches 1st base rate hike since 2016, with refund and goal to cut outages, 4/8/2024

Channel 3 News (WFSB, CT): Natural gas utilities asking for illegal items in rate increase request, 4/2/2024

NY Focus: After Scolding by Regulator, National Fuel Renews Campaign Against Gas Transition, 4/1/2024

Tampa Bay Times: DeSantis’ office quietly backed Florida ban on wind energy, 3/28/2024

Bloomberg: Amazon Bets $150 Billion on Data Centers Required for AI Boom, 3/28/2024

Seeking Rents: Ron DeSantis lobbied for windmill ban, records show, 3/27/2024

Lagniappe: In the Matrix — Auburn University pays $1 million a year to controversial firm, 3/25/2024

Arkansas Times: Heads we win, tails you lose: How Entergy customers pay for the company’s mistakes, 3/20/2024

PV Magazine: Group challenges anti-renewables messaging of 50-state policy network, 3/12/2024

American Prospect/Sierra Magazine: Climate-Science Deniers, Right-Wing Think Tanks, and Fossil Fuel Shills Are Plotting Against the Clean Energy Transition, 3/12/2024

Energy News Network: “Holy mackerel!” Emails shine light on money-losing coal plants, 3/12/2024

RTO Insider: MISO Estimates 2023 Member Savings Near $5B, 3/11/2024

Tampa Bay Times: Why Florida doesn’t have wind energy, but lawmakers want to curb it anyway. 3/4/2024

Mother Jones and Floodlight: Utility Fraud and Corruption Are Threatening the Clean Energy Transition, 3/1/2024

Planet Detroit: The battle against Michigan power outages yields little accountability, 3/1/2024

Florida Pheonix: By deleting mention of climate change, Florida legislators try to hide from the problem, 2/29/2024

States Newsroom: Lawmakers across the U.S. seek to curb utility spending on politics, ads and more extras, 2/27/2024

WBHM and Birmingham Watch: 4 Factors Besides Cold Weather That Explain Expensive Winter Power Bills, 2/23/2024

Grist: 8 states move to ban utilities from using customer money for lobbying, 2/22/2024

Tampa Bay Times: Could Florida electric bills go up because of a fuel made from manure? 2/21/2024

Public News Service: FirstEnergy abandons interim clean energy goals to address climate change, 2/21/2024

Flat Water Press: Public safety, economic opportunity, China: Renewable energy debate runs hot in Nebraska, 2/16/2024

Capitol News Illinois: In Illinois, Customers Pay for Utilities’ Lawyers and Corporate Donations. Advocates Want to Change That, 2/16/2024

Cleantechnica: The Battle Over Where To Put Renewable Energy Resources Comes To Rural Michigan, 2/15/2024

Miami Herald: Bill could boost Florida’s ‘renewable’ fuel industry. Critics say it will cost consumers, 2/14/2024

RTO Insider: Entergy States Debut Long-range Tx Cost Allocation Proposal, MISO Members Unconvinced, 2/14/2024

Bloomberg: FirstEnergy Scraps 2030 Climate Goal in Rare Embrace of Coal, 2/9/2024

Planet Detroit: Who’s behind a ballot initiative to repeal Michigan’s renewable energy siting laws?, 2/8/2024

Detroit News: Consumers Energy-backed group made big donations to Democrats before energy law rewrite, 2/5/2024

Charleston-Gazette Mail: PSC misleads on FirstEnergy lobbying audit, 1/30/2024

Knox Pages: Open Source: Who is funding Knox Smart Development?, 1/18/2024

Energy News Network: How a Koch-linked group stalled a bipartisan Ohio energy efficiency bill at the last minute, 1/10/2024

The Guardian: Power companies paid civil rights leaders in the US south. They became loyal industry advocates, 1/9/2024

CT Mirror: New year, new chapter in long fight over CT’s utility regulator, 1/2/2024

The Guardian: Revealed: US utility firms offer builders cash and trips to fit new homes with gas appliances, 12/21/2023

Arkansas Times: Why did Arkansas accept a deal with Entergy 15 months after rejecting the very same offer?, 12/20/2023

E&E News: W.Va. governor’s efforts to save coal plant raise conflict-of-interest concerns, 12/20/2023

Energy News Network: Anonymously funded group stokes local opposition to Ohio solar project, 12/18/2023

Planet Detroit: Republicans and Democrats want community solar. Why won’t Michigan legislators enable it?, 12/6/2023

Charleston Gazette-Mail: ‘Get back every dollar’: FirstEnergy’s WV ties in bribery scandal loom as audit advances, 12/2/2023

Ohio Capital Journal: Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted subpoenaed in civil suit over bailout scandal, 11/29/2023

Wall Street Journal: Environmentalists Face Off Against Environmentalists Over Offshore Wind Projects, 11/28/2023

Detroit Free Press: Democrats’ clean energy legislation sets up battle over local land use control, 11/22/2023

E&E News: Michigan’s big climate package angers environmental justice advocates, 11/17/2023

Grist: Michigan wants 100 percent of its electricity to be clean by 2040, 11/15/2023

New Republic: The Latest Culture War Starts With Dead Whales, 11/15/2023

Energy News Network: Coal company got big payback from HB 6, 11/13/2023

Charleston Gazette-Mail: Targeted items in PSC-ordered audit of Mon Power and Potomac Edison lobbying expenses being revealed, 11/9/2023

Washington Post: Democrats win big in Virginia and New Jersey despite fossil fuel ads, 11/9/2023

Inside Climate News: Michigan Poised to Join States Requiring 100 Percent Clean Electricity, 11/7/2023 N.J.’s major offshore wind plans just imploded. Why it matters, what happens next, 11/1/2023

E&E News: Is gas ‘clean’? States rebrand energy to meet electricity targets, 10/27/2023

Insider NJ: LD-11 Flashpoint: Oil Money, Hot Air, Fast Ships, and Dead Whales, 10/25/2023

Daily Kos: Republican Anti-Offshore Wind Group Received Huge Fossil Fuel Industry Funding In First Half Of 2023, 10/25/2023:

CREW: FEC investigation spurred by CREW complaint reveals Ohio dark money secrets, 10/17/2023

Ohio Capital Journal: Big investors continue to accuse FirstEnergy of hiding behind its lawyers, 10/11/2023

Energy News Network: How efforts to restrict democracy in Ohio also make it harder to fight climate change, 10/5/2023

Vox: The propane industry’s weird obsession with school buses, explained, 10/5/2023

Energy News Network: HB6 updates: A new bill and fuzzy math, 9/26/2023

CT Examiner: Threatened with Funding Loss, Southern Connecticut Dean Promises Support for UI Rate Hike, 9/19/23

Macon Telegraph: Georgia is generating more solar power. Getting it where it needs to go is a major challenge, 9/18/2023

Energy News Network: ‘Falsified’ public comments loom over Ohio state parks drilling decisions, 9/18/2023

Commonwealth Magazine: Utilities need to stop building natural gas infrastructure, 9/13/2023

KTVN-Reno 2News: NV Energy Customer Complaints Exposed By Watchdog Group, 9/8/2023

Charleston Gazette-Mail: PSC chooses firm to audit Mon Power and Potomac Edison lobbying expenses, 9/4/2023

Hartford Courant: Lawmakers: What’s the hullabaloo on electric rates and what does it mean for you?, 9/1/2023

Planet Detroit: New settlement agreement aims to put spotlight on DTE-linked dark money, 8/28/2023

CT Post: UI’s weird hard sell for a $131M rate hike, 8/28/2023

CT Insider: Utility union in crossfire as UI electric rate battle reaches climax, 8/24/2023

CT Examiner: As State Regulators Near a Decision on Penalizing United Illuminating, Public Sparring Heats Up, 8/23/2023

Boston Globe: Once seen as opponents to climate action, utilities and the business community are making changes. Is that a sign the tides are turning?, 8/23/2023

Charleston Gazette-Mail: PSC staff recommends firm to audit FirstEnergy utilities’ lobbying expenses, 8/17/2023

Worcester Telegram Gazette: Natural gas line clears way for 1.1 million-square-foot warehouse in Douglas. Some not pleased, 8/16/2023 Power company’s proposed land grab dares offend our rights, 8/13/2023

Tone Madison: How Wisconsin’s largest power company lobbies legislators to stall a clean energy transition, 8/10/2023

Inforum: Potential for rural electric co-ops to tap millions for renewables projects, 8/9/2023

Energywire: Colorado gas rule ignites debate over pace of electrification, 8/8/2023

Wisconsin Public Radio: ‘A revolving door’: Former Wisconsin utility regulator was recently hired by transmission utility, 8/4/2023

Colorado Public Radio: Xcel Energy’s latest climate plan sparks a heated fight over heat pumps, 8/2/2023

The Boston Globe: Massachusetts is phasing out natural gas. Why is it expanding in Douglas?, 7/26/2023

NY Focus: New Bill Would Block Utilities From Lobbying at Customers’ Expense, 7/24/2023

WUSF Public Media: Energy companies were behind some bills filed in Tallahassee this year, public records show, 7/19/2023

WFAE/Charlotte’s NPR: How the home building industry got a bill to delay new energy efficiency standards in NC, 7/17/2023

The Intercept: Energy Company Plotted Gas Plant In Small Pennsylvania Town – But No One Told Residents, 7/17/2023

Winston-Salem Journal: ‘Puppet of the industry’: Critics blast building code bill sponsor’s ties to construction lobby, 7/7/2023

Maine Public: New law creates more transparency on utilities’ political spending, 7/7/2023

Energy News Network: Hydrogen, nuclear among winners in last-minute changes to Ohio budget bill, 7/6/2023

QuadReport: Larry Householder’s New House, 7/3/2023

Capital & Main: New Mexico Energy Transition Proposal Would Violate Ban on ‘Fossil Fuel Development’, 6/30/2023

New York Times: A $60 Million Bribe. A $1.3 Billion Bailout. A 20-Year Prison Sentence., 6/29/2023

Politico: DeSantis signs bill that critics say could lead to higher water rates, 6/26/2023

Kleinman Center for Energy Policy: Unmasking Dark Money: How Fossil Fuel Interests Can Undermine Clean Energy Progress, 6/20/2023

Washington Post: Three states just barred utilities from charging customers for lobbying, 6/21/2023

WPLN: TVA proposes another methane gas plant, this time just outside Nashville, 6/16/2023

The Progressive Magazine: Renewable Energy Threatens Utility Profiteers, 6/15/2023

Planet Detroit: Dismay as Michigan hands out millions of dollars in ‘low carbon’ grants for gas projects, 6/15/2023

The American Prospect: Sempra Pushes to Expand Pacific Pipelines for Gas Export, 6/2/2023

The Progress-Index (Petersburg, VA): ‘They have an army of lobbyists:’ Natural gas company TC Energy lobbied Black preachers and city officials for support, 6/1/2023

NC Newsline: Behind the scenes of an energy bill, propane and natural gas interests run a full-court press, 5/31/2023

The Progress-Index (Petersburg, VA): They live in a neighborhood with a natural gas compressor station. It’s about to double its output, 5/24/2023

Ohio Capital Journal: Judge slams former Ohio regulator for not giving details about how he spent $4.3M in utility money, 5/18/2023

Energy News Network/Eye on Ohio: How Randazzo spent millions from FirstEnergy, 5/17/2023

NY Focus: Are Your Gas Bills Paying For the Campaign Against Banning Gas?, 5/17/2023 Super PAC ratchets up pressure on fight to make constitutional amendments harder, 4/28/2023

WPLN: The Tennessee legislature blocked climate action this year — again. And other environmental bills you may have missed, 4/28/2023

E&E News, EnergyWire: Solar to gas stoves: What to know about DeSantis and energy, 4/27/2023

Bloomberg: An Oregon City Banned Natural Gas. The Gas Company Fought Back, 4/25/2023

The Progress-Index (Petersburg, VA): Petersburg and Prince George could see more pollutants coming from the natural gas compressor station, 4/20/2023

Energy News Network: Eye on Utilities: Delay, delay and more delay, 4/17/2023

Semafor: Ron DeSantis’s climate contradictions, 4/7/2023 Householder: Broken Government – how dark money’s tentacles tipped the scales for Householder and targeted Cleveland Public Power, 4/2/2023

Detroit News: DTE faces looming storm on its political spending amid outage outrage, 4/2/2023

The Guardian: Harvard professor’s fossil fuel links under scrutiny over climate grant, 4/1/2023

Planet Detroit: DTE, Consumers aim to spend taxpayers’ ‘low carbon’ money on gas, 3/30/2023

Charleston Gazette-Mail: PSC orders audit of Mon Power, Potomac Edison lobbying expenses, 3/28/2023

NJ Spotlight News: JCP&L to pay back customers after audit, 3/23/2023

High Country News: The natural gas pushback, 3/21/2023

Vox: The gas stove wars are far from over, 3/21/2023

Gas Outlook: Are hydrogen blending and RNG climate solutions?, 3/21/2023

WPLN: Is natural gas ‘clean energy’? Tennessee lawmakers want you to think so, 3/15/2023

Grist: Ohio politicians found guilty in $60 million utilities bribery scandal, 3/10/2023

Vox: Meet the gas stove influencer sponsored by the propane industry, 3/10/2023

Utility Dive: Opinion – FERC must ensure that customer funds are only used to benefit customers and not political activities, 3/9/2021

NY Focus: Fossil Fuel Companies Enlist Customers to Fight New York’s Climate Law, 3/7/2023

Jacobin: Ron DeSantis Is Helping Utility Companies Keep Floridians in the Dark, 3/6/2023

Deutsche Welle (DW): US: Anti-renewable groups target whale deaths, 3/6/2023

Inside Climate News: The Fossil Fuel Industry’s Own Poll Found Most New Yorkers Support a Gas Ban in New Buildings, 3/3/2023

WXYZ Detroit (ABC): Will DTE’s campaign cash impact how lawmakers respond to power outages?, 3/1/2023

Reuters: Incoming Florida utility chief’s priority: no more scandals, 2/28/2023

Washington Post: Maryland governor taps gas industry official to help regulate gas industry, 2/27/2023

Charlestown Gazette-Mail: Utility lobbying supporting WV lawmaker meals and costly energy status quo, 2/25/2023

Detroit Free Press: 700K power outages in Michigan likely restored by Sunday — barring weather, 2/24/2023

Capital B: Utility Bills and Shutoffs Are Rising. Here Are a Few Tips to Protect Yourself, 2/23/2023

Salem News: Ryan’s new position brings controversy, 2/21/2023

MLive: Utilities should report money spent on lobbying, Michigan attorney general says, 2/21/2023

Maine Public Radio: Maine’s cold snap didn’t knock out heat pumps, 2/14/2023

The Lever: The Corporate Campaign To Greenwash Natural Gas, 2/14/2023

Ohio Capital Journal: Householder corruption trial: Regulator sent resume to utility he was regulating, 2/13/2023

Distilled/Heated: Meet the Man Fueling Clean Energy Opposition in the Midwest, 2/9/2023

Eye on Ohio/Energy News Network: Householder trial: New evidence shows depth of long-suspected scheme, 2/9/2023

Opelika Auburn News: Big profits, big bills: Alabamians pay some of the nation’s highest electricity costs, 2/7/2023

Washington Post: Heat pumps are defying Maine’s winters and oil industry pushback, 2/7/2023

Illinois Public Media: What’s behind the big number of utility shutoffs in Illinois?, 2/6/2023

The Exponent: ‘Dark money’ groups aided Ohio lawmakers in defining natural gas as ‘green,’ watchdog group reveals, 2/6/2023

Charleston-Gazette Mail: WV fails to investigate FirstEnergy while other states dig, 2/4/2023

St. Louis Public Radio: Consumer advocates fear Ameren Missouri rate hike would burden low-income customers, 2/2/2023

Washington Post: The gas industry is under fire. It’s hiring Democratic politicians to help, 2/2/2023

WKYC: Explaining the FirstEnergy bribery scandal as the Larry Householder trial continues, 2/2/2023

Washington Informer: Utilities Disconnected Maryland Households’ Power Over 70,000 Times Last Year, Report Says, 2/1/2023

AZ Mirror: Southwest Gas recruited elected officials to back its rate increase, records show, 1/31/2023

CBS News: Utilities are cutting off power to millions of Americans amid rising energy costs, 1/31/2023

Baltimore Sun: Consumer utility shutoffs have gown into a crisis in Maryland and across U.S., report finds, 1/31/2023

Michigan Radio: Watchdog group says DTE Energy is one of nation’s worst for shutting off power to customers, 1/31/2023

Chicago Sun-Times: Utility shutoffs for nonpayment soar across Illinois and the Chicago area, 1/30/2023

Detroit Metro Times: DTE Energy left more than 128,000 customers without power in 2022, 1/30/2023

The Guardian: US utilities shut off power to millions amid record corporate profits – report, 1/30/2023

Bloomberg: US Utility Shutoffs Climbed Last Year on Higher Energy Costs, 1/30/2023

Charleston-Gazette Mail: WV links to FirstEnergy bribery scandal in Ohio surface in other probes, 1/28/2023

Miami New Times: Florida Power & Light CEO Eric Silagy Retires in Wake of Matrix Consultant Scandal, 1/25/2023

Grid: An Ohio law defining natural gas as ‘green energy’ — and backed by dark money — lays out the next battle in the climate wars, 1/23/2023

Charleston-Gazette Mail: PSC not following other states investigating potential FirstEnergy ratepayer impacts from Ohio bribery scandal, 1/21/2023

Today in Ohio: Mike DeWine and Matt Huffman weigh in on declaring natural gas — a fossil fuel — to be green energy, 1/19/2023

ABC6: We asked five people what they will be watching for in the Householder trial, 1/19/2023 Ohio GOP leadership shrugs off dark money behind bill rebranding gas as ‘green energy,’ 1/18/2023 Lobbying, ‘dark money’ were behind Ohio law rebranding natural gas as ‘green energy,’ records show, 1/17/2023

Washington Post: How dark money groups led Ohio to redefine gas as ‘green energy’, 1/17/2023

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Minnesota DFLers push bills for carbon-free electricity by 2040, 1/12/2023

Energy News Network: Massachusetts climate advocates say the fight over renewable gas isn’t over yet, 1/12/2023

New York Times: The New Soldiers in Propane’s Fight Against Climate Action: Television Stars, 1/11/2023

The Guardian: Group aiming to sabotage Whitmer’s Covid policies funded by dark money, 1/10/2023

Dakota Free Press: Lewandowski Lied About Working as Lobbyist for Coal-Power Company, 1/9/2023

Planet Detroit: Study finds biogas is no silver bullet in Michigan’s climate woes, 1/5/2023

Energy News Network: Cleveland pilot project provides rooftop solar for low-income residents, 1/3/2023

Richland Source: DeWine announces nominee to lead Ohio EPA, 12/28/2022

NPR/Floodlight: She was an ABC News producer. She also was a corporate operative, 12/21/2022

NPR/Floodlight: In the Southeast, power company money flows to news sites that attack their critics., 12/19/222

Huffington Post: Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Idaho Officials Copy-Pasted A Fossil Fuel Industry Letter, 12/15/2022

Boston Globe: Scientific journal investigating UMass hydrogen study after revelations of gas industry influence, 12/14/2022

Grist: In Louisiana, an electoral upset could mean a breakthrough for renewables, 12/13/2022

Energy News Network: Ohio ‘green’ natural gas bill motivated by ESG investing concerns, lawmaker says, 12/12/2022

Planet Detroit: Public frustration with DTE is growing. So are its charitable and political spending, 12/8/2022

Energy News Network/Eye on Ohio: Eye on Utilities: Householder trial set to begin next month, 12/7/2022

NPR: The U.S. wants to slash carbon emissions from power plants. Natural gas is in the way, 12/5/2022

Winston-Salem Journal: ‘Such a paradox’: Walmart, as a customer, says Duke’s carbon plan falls short, 12/4/2022

The Intercept: Fossil fuel funded Super PAC eyes $11.5 million spending operation for Herschel Walker in final days, 12/1/2022

Boston Globe: Study touting hydrogen — a technology favored by gas firms — was funded by gas interests, e-mails show, 11/17/2022 Natural gas-linked super PAC drops $1 million backing Republicans, 11/02/2022

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Minnesota aims for lower carbon emissions, yet its natural gas network keeps growing, 10/26/22

Energy News Network: Eye on Utilities: Will HB 6 impact the 2022 election?, 10/25/2022 House Bill 6: Meet the lesser-known FirstEnergy officials accused of ties to the largest bribery, 10/21/2022

What are public utility commissions? A beginner’s guide, 10/12/2022

The Guardian: How fossil fuel firms use Black leaders to ‘deceive’ their communities, 10/10/2022

Eye on Ohio: Eye on Ohio’s utilities: All hush, hush, 9/20/2022

Cleveland Business Journal: FirstEnergy CEO Steven Strah abruptly retires, interim leader named, 9/15/2022

Orion Magazine: Defiant Energy: How the American electric utility industry pushed climate denial, doubt, and delay, 9/14/2022

Florida Times-Union: Former Matrix partners mend rift, but secrets and tension between FPL, Southern Co. linger. 9/8/2022

The Atlantic: It Wasn’t Just Oil Companies Spreading Climate Denial, 9/7/2022

Memphis Commercial Appeal: MLGW wants to stay with TVA. Will the Memphis City Council let it sign a 20-year deal?, 9/1/2022

WPLN: Memphis may leave TVA to reduce costs and carbon. That could raise bills in Nashville, 8/30/2022

NPR: Renewable energy is maligned by misinformation. It’s a distraction, experts say, 8/26/2022

Washington Examiner: Water risks for fossil fuel plants from Colorado River shortage, 8/26/2022

NPR: Drought threatens coal plant operations — and electricity — across the West, 8/26/2022

Grist: Will the Inflation Reduction Act jumpstart carbon capture?, 8/22/2022

Ohio Capitol Journal: Texts, calendars, emails link DeWine to FirstEnergy’s bribery scandal, 8/15/2022

The American Prospect: Corn Ethanol Investors Poised to Profit From Inflation Reduction Act, 8/11/2022

WPLN: The first U.S. climate bill will make renewable energy easier, and cheaper, for TVA, 8/8/2022

Eye on Ohio/Energy News Network: Regulators’ foot-dragging on public records hides the full story behind Ohio’s utility corruption scandal, 8/8/2022

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Virginia official lobbied for gas project his agency will consider, 8/5/2022

Energy News Network: Giving back? Charities laud Columbia Gas in $212 rate increase case, 8/1/2022

AP: Climate disinformation leaves lasting mark as world heats, 7/28/2022

Minneapolis Star Tribune: CenterPoint’s CEO rings up big payday; shareholders, Minnesota customers have reservations, 7/23/2022

Houston Chronicle: CenterPoint’s Lesar tops list of Houston’s best-paid corporate executives in male-dominated lineup, 7/11/2022

Public News Service: Watchdogs: Natural Gas Customers in MN Not Getting Fair Shake, 7/11/2022

Gizmodo: Utility-Backed Republicans May Have Gerrymandered Against One Democrat, 7/6/2022

Charleston Gazette-Mail: Supreme Court siding with WV against EPA unlikely to stop coal’s long decline, 7/2/2022

The Guardian: How the gas industry aims to rebrand as ‘clean’ energy to appeal to Black and Latino voters, 6/30/2022

Los Angeles Times: Is a Michigan energy firm using dark money to influence California’s climate plans?, 6/23/22

Ohio Capital Journal: FirstEnergy fired its CEO amid bribery scandal but let him keep millions, documents show, 6/23/2022

Public News Service: Power Politics: Incumbent Triumphs Despite Opposition from Utility, 6/16/2022

S&P Global: Southern knew of climate risks before funding pro-fossil fuel campaigns – report, 6/9/2022

WABE: Southern Company spent millions on misinformation despite climate change warnings, report finds, 6/9/2022

Gizmodo: Southern Company Knew About Climate Change for Decades While Funding Climate Denial, Report Finds, 6/8/2022

The Guardian: Warned of ‘massive’ climate-led extinction, a US energy firm funded crisis denial ads, 6/8/22

WEMU: The search for more accountability in America’s utility industry, 6/3/22

The New York Times: How a Florida Power Project Flew Under the Regulatory Radar. 5/31/22

WPLN: Nashville and Memphis rank near the bottom for solar capacity. Here’s why. 5/12/22

The Guardian/Louisiana Illuminator/The Lens: Louisiana legislator pushes bills benefiting the oil and gas industry — and her husband, 5/6/2022

Huffington Post: Gas Giants Have Been Ghostwriting Letters Of Support From Elected Officials, 5/2/2022

Evansville Courier & Press: CenterPoint shareholders voted ‘no’ on $37.8M in CEO compensation, but he’ll still get paid, 4/25/22

Houston Chronicle: CenterPoint shareholders rebuke CEO David Lesar’s $38 million compensation, 4/22/22

Evansville Courier & Press: CenterPoint CEO earns millions as Evansville-area residents’ heating bills double, 4/20/22

WEHT: CenterPoint Energy CEO salary at the forefront of discussion for customers, 4/19/22

Houston Chronicle: As rates rise for customers, CenterPoint CEO David Lesar’s compensation triples, 4/19/22

Grist: Is your electric utility blocking climate action?, 4/14/2022

Ohio Capitol Journal: Former DeWine aide warned governor about utility regulator before the FBI raided his home, 4/4/2022

Business Green: Joe Manchin: Meet the man who could single-handedlly torpedo US climate efforts, 3/24/22

Orlando Sentinel: The future of solar in Florida will get much darker unless DeSantis vetoes bill, 3/22/22

Akron Beacon Journal: FirstEnergy subsidiary donated to dark money group backing President Trump’s policies, 3/21/22

Inside Climate News: In Florida, DeSantis May End the Battle Over Rooftop Solar With a Pen Stroke, 3/18/22

Energy News Network: Ohio regulatory judge steps back from FirstEnergy’s HB 6 cases after subpoenaed records reveal his role, 3/7/22

Nevada Independent: Southwest Gas is looking to raise rates. What should customers pay for?, 2/17/22

Eye on Ohio/Energy News Network: Former Ohio regulator linked to $4 million payoff directed agency to limit response to FirstEnergy corruption, 2/15/22

Ohio Capital Journal: DeWine re-appoints former utility lawyer as utility regulator, 2/11/22

Planet Detroit: Is ‘renewable natural gas’ a real option to power Michigan? Consultant with ties to DTE and Consumers hired by regulators to help decide, 2/10/22

Utility Dive: Georgia Power to go coal-free by 2028, double renewables by 2035, but advocates decry gas plans, 2/3/22

Grist: How a $60 million bribery scandal helped Ohio pass the ‘worst energy policy in the country’, 1/26/22

CNN: Could Florida turn off the sun? Advocates say a utility-backed bill imperils rooftop solar in the Sunshine State, 1/23/22

Energy New Network: Eye on Ohio utilities: Winter brings more chilling news in Ohio’s ongoing HB 6 scandal, 1/18/22

Nashville Public Radio: TVA faces federal scrutiny over climate goals, electricity rates, 1/18/22

Energywire: CCS ‘red flag?’ World’s sole coal project hits snag, 1/10/22

Energy News Network: Ohio regulators dismiss pleas to investigate utility power shutoffs, 1/7/22

Engineering News-Record: FERC Pulls Burns & McDonnell Gas Project Contract, Cites Conflict, 1/6/22

Chesapeake Bay Journal: FERC: Virginia pipeline’s environmental contractor has ‘conflict of interest,’ 12/22/21

S&P Global: Path to net-zero: Progress by US utilities ‘too slow’, 12/16/21

Energy News Network: Eye on Ohio utilities: Objects in the rearview mirror are closer than they appear, 12/14/21

Energy News Network/Eye on Ohio: FirstEnergy says Ohio law at center of corruption probe protects it from ratepayer lawsuits, 12/1/21 Dark-money group linked to AEP reports $500k contribution to ex-speaker Householder’s term-limits group, 12/1/21

NY Focus: New York Utilities Polarize Over Push to Ban Natural Gas, 12/1/21

Politico: A coal plant fights to stay open. It could enrich Manchin, 11/20/21

Energy News Network/Eye on Ohio: Ohio utilities FirstEnergy and AEP still spending big on lobbying, 11/9/21

The American Prospect: Manchin Could Score Carbon Capture Subsidies to Prop Up Coal, 11/8/21

Bismarck Tribune: Project Tundra carbon capture effort comes before state decisionmakers, 10/30/21

Tampa Bay Times: Clearwater Gas paid millions for sponsorships, far outspending its peers, 10/28/21

Arizona Republic: At the request of Arizona’s biggest utilities, state regulators seek control of pollution disposal program, 10/27/21

Charleston Gazette-Mail: Why West Virginia is left especially vulnerable by Manchin blocking key climate policy, 10/25/21

Man behind ‘ghost’ candidate cash also led dark-money group supporting Florida’s big utility companies, 10/20/21

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Aberdeen News: Trump wrong about wind energy, 4/9/2019

Phoenix New Times: APS Documents Revealing Millions in Spending Leave Many Questions Unanswered, 4/4/2019

Arizona Republic: APS acknowledges spending millions to elect Corporation Commission members, after years of questions, 3/29/2019

Washington Post: Trump’s $100 trillion price tag for the Green New Deal may have come from a tweet, 3/21/2019

Mountain Journal: What’s up with the Green New Deal and what does it mean for the west?, 3/13/2019

DeSmog: Trump Budget for Renewables Slashed 70% Under Former Koch Insider’s Leadership, 3/13/2019

Arizona Republic: Price for public officials who break the law to do APS’s bidding? $225, 3/6/2019

AZ Capitol Times: Local elected officials face fines for opposition of Prop. 127, 3/5/2019

Arizona Republic: Arizona attorney general says 28 officials broke law by opposing clean-energy measure, 3/4/2019

PV Magazine: Fossils go hard after solar in Spotsylvania, 3/4/2019

Farmington (NM) Daily Times: Proposal to study CCS technology at San Juan Generating Station rejected by Senate panel, 3/4/2019

Santa Fe New Mexican: Lawmakers question carbon tech proposed in plan to keep San Juan plant running, 3/2/2019

Farmington (NM) Daily Times: Utility wins, for now, in bid to delay filing for San Juan Generating Station abandonment, 3/1/2019

Sandusky Register: Wind turbine syndrome full of hot air? 2/28/2019

PV Magazine: Milwaukee pushes back against We Energies’ monopoly, 2/18/2019

Energy News Network: Ohio clean energy groups will seek recusals from PUCO nominee, 2/13/2019 

Utility Dive: Ohio governor taps wind critic Randazzo as utility commission chair, 2/6/2019 

Columbus Business First: DeWine picks Columbus lawyer as new PUCO chairman, drawing praise and criticism, 2/6/2019

The Inquirer: Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial featuring clydesdales and wind power draws big numbers online, 2/4/2019 

The Plain Dealer: Governor DeWine faces first major energy-related issue with PUCO commissioner appointment, 1/31/2019 

Michigan NPR: Consumers Energy agrees to stop dark money donations for two years, 1/29/2019

Energy News Network: Michigan regulators clamp down on utility’s political spending, 1/28/2019

Mother Jones/Huffington Post: Here’s How an FDR Works Project Could Become the Centerpiece of a Green New Deal, 1/24/2019

Climate Liability News: Utilities Knew: Report shows power industry studied climate change, stuck with coal, 1/16/2019 

E&E News: A Texas group that rejects warming is favored by Trump, 1/7/2019 New watchdog report exposes Seneca Anti-Wind Union’s ties to Big Coal, 12/13/2018

New Orleans Times Picayune: Entergy’s sponsorship of Cyndi Nguyen’s holiday parade raises questions, 12/11/2018

MotherJones: What qualifies you to become a top Trump energy regulator? Telling your son to deny climate change, 12/6/2018

RTO Insider: McNamee advances to Senate floor, 11/27/2018

PowerMarketsToday: Anti-renewables video muddies McNamee’s prospects, 11/26/2018

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UtilityDive: FERC nominee McNamee slams green groups, renewables in Feb. video, 11/21/2018 

UtilityDive: Vogtle in sight as money pours into Georgia regulator race,  11/2/2018

WABE: In The Races For Ga. Public Service Commission, More Attention — And Money, 10/23/2018

UtilityDive: Utility spending on major Republican groups outpaces Democrats over 2:1, EPI finds, 10/18/2018

Inside EPA: Wehrum met at former firm with former clients despite ethics pledge, 9/21/2018

The Guam Daily Post: Solar provider seeks answers ahead of net metering changes, 9/16/2018

RTO Insider: Democrats Call Out ‘Partisan’ Remarks by FERC Chief, 8/23/2018

Washington Examiner: Trump readies ‘military plan’ to save coal, 8/22/2018

Media Matters for America: Fox’s Tucker Carlson pushes misinformation about wind power, 8/20/2018

Think Progress: Trump reveals how little he knows about his coal and nuclear bailout plan, 8/20/2018

Think Progress: Murray Energy backs opposition to offshore Ohio wind farm, 8/6/2018 

Energy News Network: Complaint: utility-backed group in Michigan violates tax, campaign laws, 8/3/2018

UtilityDive: APS spends $11 million to keep 50% renewables measure off ballot, 7/18/2018

Greentech Media: Another study argues electric cars are bad for the environment. It’s demonstrably false, 7/18/2018 Small electric systems challenge Alabama Power’s profits, request refunds, 6/28/18

Arkansas Business: Following the fueling opposition to Wind Catcher, 6/18/18 

PV Magazine: Arizona’s dirty energy politics, 6/14/18

Michigan Radio: Watchdog- Consumers Energy spends millions in dark money to defeat legislators, limit competition, 6/12/18

Think Progress: Kochs invest in company set to benefit from coal and nuclear bailout, 6/12/2018

Beaver County (PA) Times: Report: Energy lobbyist paid $1 million in bailout campaign, 6/6/2018

Greentech Media: The lobbying bills attached to FirstEnergy’s coal and nuclear emergency action, 6/5/2018

RTO Insider: More questions than answers for FERC, RTOs, 6/5/2018

Midwest Energy News: Michigan law gives activists new venue for holding utilities to pledges, 5/30/2018

DeSmog Blog: Koch-Backed and Anti-Renewable Energy Groups Wooing Interior Department Official, 5/23/2018

Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times: Political spending by utilities has jumped, boosted by opposition to rooftop solar, 5/17/2017

Miami New Times: Florida’s Energy Companies Are Spending More Money Than Ever on Lobbying, 5/17/2018

KAUF: Wind Catcher opposition may have fossil fuel ties, 5/17/2018

NOLA Times-Picayune: Entergy opponents: ‘New Orleans residents were deprived of their rights’, 5/15/2018

Think Progress: New Orleans electric utility confirms people were paid to support its power plant, 5/11/2018

Utility Dive: Entergy says it had no knowledge of paid support for New Orleans gas plant, 5/11/2018

Michigan Campaign Finance Network: ‘It will send a message’: some of the first state senate ads of 2018 are funded by secret donors, 5/10/2018

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Georgia PSC election war chests helped by Georgia Power, affiliates, 5/9/2018

PV Magazine: New Orleans: Actors paid to oppose solar and wind, push for power plant, 5/7/2018

Chattanooga Times Free Press: TVA audit: Jet purchase not ‘cost effective’, 3/30/2018

Atlanta Journal Constitution: Watchdog group questions legality of Ga. PSC commissioner’s deleted texts, 3/29/2018

Utility Dive: Indiana governor taps Republican lawmaker for Utility Regulatory Commission, 3/27/2018

Midwest Energy News: Ohio lawmaker circulates study on theoretical turbine accidents, 3/23/2018

PV Magazine: Murray Energy’s war on clean energy in Ohio, 3/10/2018

Associated Press: Company Spends $2M Lobbying for Atlantic Pipeline, 3/8/2018

WABE Atlanta: Watchdog Group: Ga. Public Service Commissioner Too ‘Cozy’ With Ga. Power, 3/6/2018

Utility Dive: New Arizona renewable ballot initiative could spark utility opposition, 2/15/2018

The State: Dominion hires former SC Gov. Hodges as lobbyist as SCANA buyout heats up, 1/5/2018

The Post & Courier: Golf, Beaches and Power: How utilities wine and dine the public officials that set your rates, 12/31/2017

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Bloomberg: Koch-Backed Business Group Splinters in Climate-Change Dispute, 12/8/2017

ThinkProgress: Koch-funded network targets New Hampshire’s renewable energy policies, 12/4/2017

Midwest Energy News: Secrecy surrounds pro-coal group eyeing Ohio wind cases, 12/4/2017

Hartford Courant: Critics Fault Eversource for proposing business fees be charged to ratepayers, 11/30//2017

Bloomberg: Koch-Funded Group Prods Trump’s EPA to Say Climate Change Not a Risk, 11/15/2017

ThinkProgress: Environmentalists just gained a new enemy in the fight against natural gas pipelines, 11/6/2017

Charleston Post & Courier: Two identical nuclear projects, one in Georgia and one in South Carolina. Only one survived, 10/29/2017

Vox: Rick Perry’s plan to subsidize coal and nuclear plants is bonkers, 10/4/2017

Miami New Times: Why Didn’t FPL Do More to Prepare for Irma?, 9/14/2017

Inside Climate News: Perry’s Grid Study Calls for Easing Pollution Rules on Power Plants, 8/24/2017

Miami New Times: Power Companies Pumped $166,400 to Florida Lawmakers Who Control Their Watchdog Group, 8/18/2017

ThinkProgress: Top utilities are spending a lot of money to elect Republican governors, 8/10/2017

The Guardian: Utilities companies won’t let you sell your own solar power. Why not?, 8/1/2017

High Plains Public Radio: For Decades, Texas Utilities Denied Knowing Effects Of Fossil Fuels On Environment, 7/26/2017

Scientific American: Watchdog Group: U.S. Electric Industry Knew of Climate Threat Decades Ago

InsideClimate News: Like Exxon, Utilities Knew about Climate Change Risks Decades Ago

New York Times: Rooftop Solar Dims Under Pressure From Utility Lobbyists

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ClimateWire: Staff wary but ready to work with Pruitt amid new email dump

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The Guardian: Nevada’s solar workers and customers reel as new rules ‘shut down’ industry

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Press Releases

FOIA documents reveal that industry demands were directly reflected in bogus DOE coal bailout plans

Florida PSC Nominating Council Set to Interview and Vote on Finalists, a new site from EPI and Center for Media and Democracy

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