The Energy and Policy Institute is a watchdog organization working to expose attacks on renewable energy and counter misinformation by fossil fuel and utility interests.

We need to power the economy with clean energy to address the climate crisis, and we have the tools to do that right now: renewable energy sources like wind and solar power are less expensive than fossil fuels; energy efficiency technologies save customers money and will hasten the transition to clean energy.

But coal, gas, and utility interests are fighting to stop the adoption of these clean energy solutions in order to protect their 20th-century business models.

EPI shines a light on the anti-clean energy, anti-democracy behavior of fossil fuel companies, utilities, and their lobbying and public relations machines. We provide communities with the information they need to hold corporations and policymakers accountable when they advocate for cleaner and fairer energy systems. 

It’s crucial to us that our work not only helps to accelerate the transition to clean energy, but that it does so in a way that challenges unjust structures and policies that have forced communities of color to bear the greatest harms of our energy system. From the siting of polluting infrastructure, to the energy burden that falls hardest on poor, working and low-wealth families via high utility bills and utility disconnections, to the disproportionate effects of climate change, we know that our energy systems have been rigged to harm the most marginalized communities the worst. 

Our organization’s current lack of racial diversity means that we have benefited from privilege that makes it harder for us to see many of these injustices. As we grow, we will work to become a more diverse team, as we continue to work every day at being the best allies we can be to communities working for environmental, energy and climate justice.

The Energy and Policy Institute is funded by contributions from charitable foundations that support climate action and environmental conservation. We do not receive funding from corporations, trade associations or governments.

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