In 2013, the Montana Legislature passed a slightly modified version of SB 45 after Governor Steve Bullock returned the original legislation with proposed amendments. The modified legislation makes a minor change to include the increased output of hydropower resulting from upgrades to existing hydro plants in the state’s RES.

Another bill, SB 31, which was sponsored by Montana Senator Debby Barrett, would have included all existing hydropower in the state’s RES. Senator Barrett first introduced the bill in December 2012. Sen. Barrett received a $1584.31 scholarship from the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in 2007 for travel to ALEC events. Gov. Bullock vetoed the bill after it passed both legislative chambers.

The Montana Policy Institute, a member of the State Policy Network, released a flawed Beacon Hill Institute report on the Montana RES that was co-published by the American Tradition Institute.