Month: November 2022

Entergy leads the charge to re-elect Lambert Boissiere III, Louisiana utility commissioner in runoff election with major climate and energy consequences

A runoff election for the Louisiana Public Service Commission is pitting an incumbent financially backed by the utility that he regulates against a challenger who has called on limiting utilities’...

/ November 23, 2022

Xcel Energy is recruiting Minnesota cities to thwart governor’s clean energy agenda

The Carbon-Free Future MN Coalition is part of Xcel’s lobbying campaign against carbon-free electricity by 2040

/ November 17, 2022

Southwest Gas increases its political contributions in Nevada ahead of the 2022 election

Southwest Gas ramped up its political giving in Nevada this election cycle, surpassing contribution levels for prior cycles in recent years. According to the most recent campaign finance reports, the...

/ November 4, 2022
Offshore wind turbines

Duke Energy “Carbon Plan” proceeding in North Carolina highlights the utility’s preference for monopolization over customer savings

North Carolina ratepayer advocate pushes regulators to delay compliance with the law, despite benefits of clean energy and legislative priorities

/ November 4, 2022

Vice President John Skory exits FirstEnergy after ‘violation’

A spokesperson for FirstEnergy said today that Vice President of Utility Operations John Skory left the utility after a violation of company policy. “John Skory, formerly vice president of Utility...

/ November 3, 2022

Gas industry group is behind ‘Affordable Energy Fund’ PAC election mailers and digital ads targeting Ohio 

The Empowerment Alliance, a dark-money group aligned with the gas industry, is behind the mysterious Affordable Energy Fund PAC that spent over $1 million dollars on election mailers and digital...

/ November 1, 2022