Month: April 2023

American Gas Association presentation

New bill aims to stop Colorado utilities from spending ratepayer money on politics

A new bill in Colorado would stop investor-owned utility companies from using ratepayer money to fund lobbying, trade associations, promotional advertising, and other political influence efforts.  Colorado Senate President Steve...

/ April 20, 2023

Xcel pushing measure that has raised gas bills in Minnesota, scrapped in other states

Xcel Energy is fighting the scheduled sunset of a Minnesota law that enables utilities to charge customers hundreds of millions of dollars for fossil gas infrastructure upgrades without standard regulatory...

/ April 18, 2023

Virginia Regulator Who Pushed Gas Pipeline to Soon Rule on its Permit

An environmental regulator in Virginia who quietly promoted a proposed gas pipeline project may soon rule on one of its permits. TC Energy’s river and stream crossing permit application for...

/ April 5, 2023