Month: December 2023

Governor Lombardo prioritizes gas, eroding Nevada’s climate plan

Governor Joe Lombardo has eroded Nevada’s robust climate plan, one year into his first term. From appointing a fossil fuel executive to head the Office of Energy to pulling the...

/ December 18, 2023

Dominion Energy says data centers are “key industries” to the company but its South Carolina subsidiary may soon refuse them service

Dominion Energy South Carolina CEO Keller Kissam recently told lawmakers that he would be “fine” if the company did not pursue data centers as potential customers. But elsewhere within the...

/ December 6, 2023

Who’s who in former PUCO chairman Samuel Randazzo’s indictment? 

A federal grand jury has indicted former Public Utilities Commission of Ohio chairman Samuel Randazzo on bribery and fraud charges.  FirstEnergy is not named in the indictment, which was unsealed...

/ December 4, 2023