Save Our Stoves

Save Our Stoves, also referred to as “Natural Gas: Limitless Opportunity,” is a campaign run by the Florida Natural Gas Association. Executive officers and board of directors of the Florida Natural Gas Association are from various gas utilities in Florida, including NextEra Energy’s Florida City Gas, TECO Peoples Gas, Florida Natural Gas, Florida Gas Utility, Pensacola Energy, Clearwater Gas System, Palatka Gas Authority, and many others. 

Save Our Stoves’ advertisements have praised Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for including a tax exemption for gas stoves in his budget. Other advertisements have claimed DeSantis would stop federal regulators from taking away gas stoves from people. In reality, the Consumer Product Safety Commission opened a docket in March 2023 to review information on the hazards associated with gas ranges, and the Department of Energy proposed efficiency standards for gas and electric stoves. Only eight percent of Floridians cook with gas stoves, according to data from the Energy Information Administration.

Posted by Energy and Policy Institute