Wind energy has been in court for health-related complaints at least 49 times in five English-speaking countries. The courts have dismissed all but one of the cases and that case is clearly an outlier and circumstantial.

Municipalities and other levels of government involved in wind farm siting can rest assured that citizens are not put at risk by wind farms, and further, that vexatious cases brought by those opposed to wind farms will not succeed on health grounds. In civil cases, judges have typically awarded costs to the defending organizations, so while court cases are time consuming, organizations will typically not find them costly otherwise.

Court cases often occur after anti-wind campaigners travel to potential wind farm sites to spread health and other scares. Municipalities, companies, and organizations considering wind farms would benefit by working to establish good consultative relationships early with future wind farm neighbors, providing them with clear and accurate information about impacts and benefits. This will assist in making the citizens relatively immune to the hyperbole of anti-wind groups, and prevent frivolous court cases.

The courts have spoken. Wind farms do not cause health problems.

Posted by Energy and Policy Institute