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Utility Corruption

As Householder trial begins, EPI releases guide for policymakers to protect ratepayers from utility scandals

State and federal policymakers can adopt a series of policy changes that would ban utilities from charging customers for their political operations and make it harder for them to conduct...

/ January 26, 2023

Utility Industry Contributions to Section 527 Political Organizations

Over 70 investor-owned utility holding companies and their subsidiaries have contributed more than $70 million from 2008 through 2022 to the Republican Governors Association, Republican Attorneys General Association, Republican State Leadership Committee,...

/ February 26, 2018

Utilities Knew: Documenting Electric Utilities’ Early Knowledge and Ongoing Deception on Climate Change From 1968-2017

Scientists had begun to warn electric utilities about climate change by 1968, and by 1988 the industry’s official research and development organization had acknowledged that, “There is growing consensus in...

/ July 25, 2017

Paying for Utility Politics: How ratepayers are forced to fund the Edison Electric Institute and other political organizations

The Edison Electric Institute is an inherently political organization, and a powerful one. At $90 million, its budget is the highest it has been in over a decade – a budget...

/ May 9, 2017

Documents Reveal Edison Electric Institute Campaign Against Solar

The rapid growth and emergence of solar energy in the electricity market has caused investor-owned utility companies and their trade association, the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), to create a strategic...

/ March 7, 2015

Wind Health Impacts Dismissed in Court

Wind health impacts have been dismissed in courts across the globe. This Energy and Policy Institute report assesses legal cases in five English-speaking countries pertaining to wind energy. The intent...

/ August 14, 2014